Camera Obscura

Camera obscura is based on the way in which we see an image. This is created from light traveling in straight lines intern turning an image upside down. It is then turned round the correct way through the use of a lens (that is in people’s eye) so that we see an image the correct way round.

However, with camera obscura you can see an image upside down through blacking out a room so that no light is able to get in. This will make it like the canister of a camera. Although with this you also have one small hole in a piece of paper over the window that is about a pennies wide. From this you get an image on the wall opposite but upside down. This image will be like a shadow.

To then alter the image you have to change the size of the hole in the paper… make the hole bigger so that the image is sharper or smaller for it to be out of focus. If you also limit the amount of light you will then be able to see colours like with a prism.

Here are images that I captured on my camera when creating a camera obscura.


This was an interesting task to do as it showed the original way of creating photography that was started by William Fox Talbot, Nicephore Niepce and Louis Daguette. It was also interesting as being in a room set up like it made me feel relaxed due to the atmosphere created.


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