When sequencing a photobook you need to consider what you need in it and what you don’t. This consists of covers, images, (after deciding which are good, bad or ok), motifs (recurring theme) a structure, concept and text that adds information put means something to the work. To be able to understand how to create the book you need to be able to read the imagery so that it makes sense. This is done through trial and error so that the images flow. For this to work though you need though you have to consider the order by deciding the way the images are paired. In some cases the images can be in a cluster sequence meaning that different themes can be shown through images so to form chapters. Another way is by scatter where the images are easy to read meaning that the viewer doesn’t have to do much but the work does need to ask questions. The best way to decide this for you book is by bringing the information together and forming a structure. This will help me create a theme with my book as it will make me consider how I will set up my final images


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