Photobooks in A Digital Era

A photobook is a book, which shows a narrative through a physical or digital format. These can be accessible online or from a library and many sites use them. However, there is also a range of books that could hold a collection of imagery, which would be more of a portfolio if it doesn’t hold a narrative.

With physical photobooks you are able to emphasize images through the space that they take such as going over two pages along with enforcing a feel towards imagery before opening up to the pictures. This though is not enforced when on a device as it is all in the same format. Taking away the quality. Due to this physical books are important as it can enforce the emotion.  Yet a digital photobook would connect more people and cheaper.

This is important to photography as it means you have to consider how you place your work and which is more important. Having the imagery more accessible or creating the set expression.


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