Premier Editing

So to create my video I have been asked to use Adobe Premier. This I feel confident with as I have previous knowledge of using Final Cut Pro. However, I will have to get use to the layout of Premier first.


The first thing that was new to me with Premier; was having to choose the dslr,  this was between 24 and 25 depending on which I shot in with the camera. In my case 25 frames as it was more documentary while 24 frames is more cinematic.



After I had to navigate to where my work was. A key tip for this that I was given was to keep all the files in a folder so that they are easily and found and all together. This I feel is key in creating a video but is easily said than done.


From this I was given my timeline where I could create more timelines but given a set amount of 3 so to piece my footage together into how I wanted it to be laid out. This is the main base I have to work on for me to get the video the way I want it.


Here is also the main location of the workspace. This is where my files and sequence will be kept. Alongside it is also the main tools need so to select only the parts of my footage that I need.


Using this is a main focus to me as I enjoy videos and ways in which to display my imagery. However, being that most of the products available and what I use are Adobe. I feel it is more important to have an understanding of Premier. Also I find creating my imagery in a video makes using a narrative more important and thought through thoroughly. 


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