Assignment 2

For my assignment I have been given the brief

“You are required to make a 3‐5 minute photofilm, which examines and challenges the idea of representation”.

This is through either of the categories

A Successful Small Business

Personal Hobbies – The Need for a Balanced Work Life

An Inspirational Person

A Personal Obsession

From this I have decided to create my video based on my personal obsession of music. This will be based on how I got into music and how it influences me from when I was younger to nowadays.

For my starting point I have decided to look at the meaning of what is a hobby and an obsession in terms from the dictionary.

Hobby – An activity done regularly for pleasure.

Obsession – An idea or thought that continually preoccupies someone’s mind.

From this I followed on my work by looking at videos and artists. These were that of

Amy Hodges

Left Fork

Christopher Durst

Dan Massey

This video I felt was key to the work as it showed a good narrative and even though my work is based on music. It helped me come up with other ways in which to look at the items involved in music that are usually found around the home.

These videos are one’s that I found on YouTube. Here people speak about how music influences people and society and how much of an impact it has. These videos however only look at the negative aspect and are only shown from the one perspective.  Yet it doe show the impact that music has.

Where as this essay looks at music with a good outlook.


Another video that I looked at was Lostprophets 4am Forever. This is key in my work as the fine art fell and the use of colour balance so to affect the work enforces a set tone, which is quite cold. Although I want to have mine warm I think this is a creative way in which to go about the imagery.

After this I have created my storyboard along side this I have come up with my ideas for what I am going to photograph. However, I have come to these through the use of my script and what I have available that link in with my story so to create the chronological story.

This has created my basis of which I am recording using the Edirole R09. Here I had the settings set to being wav files and high so to gather more sound and have more detail in the sound. However, this does take up more file space.


Today I shot the imagery for my video; this was all based on the moving imagery using the Canon 5D. Here I created my work based mainly on the lighting available, which was low so I added extra to it. This was by the use of the lamp, in tern the lighting and settings enforced more of a cinematic affect.

After creating my video I have now captured my imagery to go along with it using the Canon 5D again. From this I have managed to capture a lot of my imagery that has covered the basis along with my video clips. However, due to the timing and availability I have also had to use found imagery so to show the live music aspect. These are from recent events that I have been to where I have used wither my Canon 1000D or my Nikon Coolpix camera. These intern show photography captured through a range of cameras.

After I have uploaded all of my imagery into Adobe Premier where I’ve arranged them into a coherent order that fits with my storyboard and script. Here the settings were based at 25 frames.

I also added extra affects so to separate and show new chapters throughout the film.

Along with running the order along to the beat and tune of Stereophonics Live ‘n’ Love.

I chose this song as the band is one of my favorites and the lyrics go along well with the theme of my video.

From the adjustments and the alterations to the clips I created my video that exported the video as a H.264 and preset as 25.

This gave me my final video

<p><a href=”″>Deana Chantler Assignment 2 Personal Obsession</a> from <a href=”″>Deana Chantler</a> on <a href=””>Vimeo</a&gt;.</p>


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