London Exhibition – Photographer’s Gallery

As a trip, I visited the Photographer’s Gallery in London! Here I saw many different styles of work by a range of artists.  This work I noticed had the theme of the images having alterations such as Photoshop or manually reoccurring throughout the different floors.  This work was based in videos, drawings, books, sculpture, collages, analogue and digital photography. This was so to show a different range of items being shown to just one set style.

These are some of the pieces that I saw…


The fact that so many different styles were together intrigued me as it meant that you weren’t just looking at one style or theme reoccurring all the time. Plus the way in which each image was set-up stood out to me more through the different layouts used like videos and photographs. Some pieces also reminded me of layouts stereotypical to artist’s studios so to make them feel more familiar to the viewer. This had an impact as it meant that you looked at the work like you could relate to it.

The most interesting layout I feel was the one where the images where the proportion of the image to the scale of it’s base was sometimes much smaller. This meant that when I wanted to view the image I had to move in much closer. In doing so I naturally spent more time looking at the work, as I had to make more of an effort. Like with the imagery where there were pieces missing yet you was able to visualize those pieces. Meaning you spent more time looking at the image without the piece so not to view it with the piece being there.

However, due to the open space and large amount of light I did tend to skip over many pieces compared to the small rooms with little amount of work in and that was darker. This was due to the work being separated from other pieces, which made it seem more of a stand-alone piece and less of a range of pieces being in your face at once so I felt as if I focused more. The darkness also made it feel more authentic compared to the open ness and bright light of the other rooms, which just made me feel as though I was looking over the work when I was in fact taking the images in.

I did also like the pieces that were on the floor as after looking at so many pieces being on the wall and seeing it as room after room like it. Seeing a piece that was located differently was a surprise.

Out of this though I did enjoy looking at the pieces and the way in which artists have portrayed their thoughts through different styles of art. All in all the different types of work was enjoyable and I feel as though some of the pieces I would use as an influence into creating imagery in future projects that I do.


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