Carolyn Lefley

As a part of my lecture today I witnessed the speaking by Caroly Lefley about her work and her career in photography up to date and her education in the subject. Here I found that she started her main education at the university as a student. At this time she asked to photograph empty places and managed to get permission through it. Afterwards she became a photographer’s assistant and put adverts in shops for advertising her work. Before deciding to advance further on to a Masters Degree and having an exhibition. This has led on to Carolyn having an exhibition.

This I found interesting as it showed that she had started off in the same place as we had and then how she had managed to progress. She also showed us the work that she had created and what her thinking was behind it. Meaning that we got to view and have an explanation about the work and how it was created. I found this work interesting as it was creative in how the work was set-up and the experimental ways that the images were created so to become in such an experimental way. From this I also found it interesting what technology was used to create the pieces so that they appeared in the final outcome.

As for the actual talk it was good to be introduced too and told about a way in which to go through managing to go to places that are usually off limits. This I had wondered about before but wasn’t sure who to contact about it. However, the talk answered this question for me. As well as this I learnt how different techniques were used to make effective images. Plus it was easy to focus on and view. I also liked that due to the fact that it was a lecturer talking it meant that we came up with questions at a later date then we was able to ask at the other times as the speaker was still available.

However, I felt that I lost concentration when sat viewing the talk for so long. This made me feel that I didn’t capture all what was being said or that I was not registering the information properly. Plus the Internet wasn’t available for the talk meant that we weren’t able to view it all. This though was solved though by the fact that the information was also available online and we was shown where we could view it at a later date.

As overall though I found the talk to be quite interesting and helpful. Plus I feel it was good that we was shown work by a lecturer as it means we get to see what they have created and the way in which they work. This has an impact as it shows how the work has changed over time and improved. Giving the viewer the impression that they can also make their work better also. Along with how the work was done with education at the same place of study.


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