Under-represented in the Media

As a task I was asked to look at under-represented groups within the media. For this I focused on a subject that I have grown up in… living on a council estate. This is usually seen as being a place that has no hope for people as the people have no prospects and aren’t the same as the hard working citizens in the media’s eyes.


This is enforced by this artist called A Devil In Photography, work which documents how the area she lives in in London is made to look worse for a program on the BBC. This is through adding extra graffiti and lighting the place up like a football stadium.


However for people who live on the council estates, the area holds more of an influence as it gives an encouragement for people wanting to do better, a sort of psychological thinking about it. This is emphasized by this interview with Jake Bugg and this video by the Lostprophets!


On a free track by track of the album, the band, Lostprophets speak about it being about the area they are from “Too people it would be oh this bloody rundown council estate, but because it’s home. There was nothing more satisfying than seeing a burnt out car!”

This I am able to relate to, as the area I have grown up in when I was younger was known for trouble and for being an unsafe place to be. It was a rough area. Where there was alcoholics, theft, regular fights, gangs, drugs etc. Here you weren’t allowed to go to the local parks because of glass and people that gather there.

However, for someone who has grown up in an area like it, it is seen differently. The place becomes an influence, the area and smell of the burnt out cars, the cut through, playing by the tracks etc. It becomes a world that you want to escape but will make you hard against the bad happenings. You start to see and deal with things differently. Where you can defend yourself that you are spurred on to actually want to do better for yourself. Which helps you on to greater things and keep at it no matter what. While living through the rough times you also retreat into your own imagination and that is helped to flourish more from it.

The media though has backed off with its propaganda in the area and now the place is seen as being a nice, safe place to live. Yet to me though it is still the same, quieter than before yet nothing has changed about it. The place is still the thing that has had the most influence and has become home because of what I have lived through and how it has made me want to strive for better things. Yet it will always be there in my eyes, to return to too give me that extra encouragement or go further when felling I can’t do it. A council estate isn’t a dead end place in my eyes more of encouragement.

To co-inside with this I came up with ideas that I thoughtof scenes related to council estate and stereotypes linked with them. These were:




Single Parents



Bad Gardens

Household items lying about


Lack of education

Drink problems

Afterwards I decided to use the internet to get some found images which I meraged together through Photoshop adjustments including Threshold and Background eraser to create a set of 6 creative images. That throw a twist into what you see, such as a hoodie helping an elderly lady. These are the final images.

car burning education flatsz grafitti light sabers lostwoman

with a homely surround to emphasize the way the area has become. These are the final images.


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