Book Binding

As a final piece I have to create my assignment 1 as a Photobook. This could be done through 2 formats, either a physical or digital book.

So to create a physical book I first done testers. These were of Japanese Stab binding, where I used this video


At first I found that pulling the cotton through was tricky so I managed to get it tangled mainly. Here my loops were also loose and messy, as I hadn’t held the pages tight enough.


However, I had another attempt that came out better.


Here I could choose the size and layout of my pages. Whether it would be landscape or portrait and the bleed, margin, column and slug sizes. Meaning that I would have a set guide to work to of my choice.

From this I could then create my pages for my book from the box. Here it held the pages and the colours I wanted mainly. The master pages also allowed me to have set pieces on each of my pages and in the exact location throughout.


After I would finish the book by saving it as a PDF through export.  This I could then upload to mag cloud and have printed out to be a physical book like with the stab binging and Concertina books.


Out of these I found the Japanese Stab Binding most interesting due to the layout being in the style of an original book that could be held. I also feel that is a good way of showing imagery and skill to have. Due to this I found it most interesting. However, being that a lot of work is digital nowadays it is also useful for me to create digital books. Even though I prefer the physical books due to their presence.

The other way I could create a physical book was through a concertina. This was by folding the one page into equal but a set amount times so to create separate pages where both sides would be used. This book would then need extra planning so to work out the layout more than the others would. To make sure pages are in the correct places for them to run consecutively.

Another way of creating the book was through digital. This would be done in InDesign by creating pages in Documents. The layout for this would be set up before coming to the first page by the window option open.


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