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I was given the task of travelling to Route 66 in America through Google images. Here I found 10 images along the route that I felt explained the theme of people travelling to get a better life through the American Dream by print screening the locations that I found. Doing the imagery this way was effective as it meant I could capture imagery of a location that wasn’t local at any time and still manage to get the imagery the same way. This way was also cost effective. Plus the imagery is actually created by one’s self as the artist decided the concept and captures an image of that area out of all the parts available like with walking a route.

However, at the same time the imagery is questioned as being valid as the person who creates the imagery is not the one who selects what is available – they can only use what is available online. Also the images do not have the same aesthetics as what would be captured in the imagery along with angles and certain territories not being available of what would be in general.

This makes me feel undecided about creating imagery this way as I feel that I am not forming imagery as I usually do and through my own means. Although I am putting in the amount of work as an image that I capture through the use of a camera and also able to cross examine the area and it’s context at the same time. Which I feel is more helpful to use.

I do believe though that although it is a new experience to me to capture imagery like this. In future I will be sticking to using the camera to capture my imagery. I have however decided that it will be an idea to research a location more by viewing it on Google images instead of just visiting an area.


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