Philip Bloom

In a talk today Philip Bloom spoke about his work and how his career started and panned out to nowadays.  Here I found out he started his career through getting a job in television with SKY. Before this though he wanted to be a photographer, this lead him being able to travel the world and do footage at festivals. After this he went freelance and started teaching. When he went freelance and started his blog, he was able to travel the world due to the opportunities it offered. This has led him onto to being known for his work even more so and having access to creating imagery in some of the most expensive places with the most expensive equipment.  Here is also able to work so to get the money but also live comfortably from this so that he can also do the imagery he loves but don’t pay so well.

This talk was interesting due to it being informative and friendly at the same time. Also the speaker tried to get the audience interacting alongside showing and speaking about his work. This made the lecture interesting to view and hear.

However, the problem with this was that the speaker mainly spoke about video work and although it links in with the assignment at the moment. It was not really informative about his photography work.


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