Caught in the Crossfire

On a visit to the Herbert Gallery I was given the question to look at. This was

“How do you think Cornelia Parker and Al Johnson work respond to conflict?”

From this I found that the artists both had one piece of work each, on show in the exhibition. These pieces of work were both sculpture pieces.


Cornelia Parker’s being an embryo of a gun made out of metal that would otherwise had made a gun that could be a weapon. This piece holds a cold feel to it, due to the form of it and the material used. This also reminds you of an average gun as it has the same impression to it that triggers a gun in mind. This intern makes you keep your distance from it due to it enforcing its danger.

Where as Al Johnson piece is created through women’s red lingerie with the names of women who was involved in the war stitched into it. This is contradictory as red usually represents danger. However, the piece has the outlook of a soft present or cuddly toy. This makes the item seem more welcoming yet at the same time also enforces the danger.

This helps my assignment as the work makes me consider the way in which people look at things differently due to the perception of it shown. This I find interesting and I feel links into my book quiet well due to the subject I am portraying in my work. This is also different to me as I am use to looking at photography but find it difficult to evaluate a point through a fabric item.  This though has made me look at photography closer as the work today has made me look closer at the detail than looking just at the whole feature.


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