Digital Truths

Nowadays images can be easily changed through the use of devices and software. This is done for portrayal in the media or by anyone. This though can be through altering an image through changing your hair colour so to decide if you want a new style or in some cases it can be changed on people’s imagery so that you can’t tell if it is the original or not.

By simply typing a name of a piece of work and an artist in Google you could come up with many variants that link to what you are looking for but does that make it true?

Here an original could exist however next to it could be a replica with minor changes created by someone else.  Or someone could have altered the tone so to add a different contrast. Instead they may have cropped it. These go as far as two images being merged together. These images are still real though as even though they aren’t the original or may not exist as a hard format together. You can still see them, so they still exist virtually as they have still been created.

This affects photography through it meaning your imagery is accessible and many people can alter it or recreate it. This way your work could be lost otherwise it could be that the originals aren’t accessible as much.


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