When looking at creating imagery a key part in my mind is using a camera. However, imagery can also be created through camera less photography. Key people for this are to me Man Ray and Susan Derges. However, I also found Floris Neus and Garry Fabian Miller’s work interesting.

These people created imagery through the use of photograms, this is through placing items onto photographic paper and shining light onto the paper for a set amount of time. This left the paper as black with white imprints.

For a task I created my own version

My photograpms.


In my task I was asked to create a piece based on me through personal belongings. I was also asked to create a collage as an option so I decided to be creative and collage an image a girl through the use of my items.

In my lecture, I was also introduced to the work of both Miska Henner and Doug Rickard. These people create imagery through the use of Google Earth. This intern has led to Miska Henner being nominated for the Deichebank Prize.

From this I created an image of my route with 3 key points of my route being shown as another task. This was done through the aid of Google earth and the imagery available on it.


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