Photographys other histories

Tsinhnahjinnie H J. When is a photograph worth a thousand words?

In Photographys

Here the question is what makes the photograph hold a thousand words? Then answers it as being based on the context being key. This then says depending on the theme of wether the picture is based on history or something you can relate to. If history then what does it tell you about that’s what photographed. If something you can feel or remember learning about it then what does it spring to your mind and how well do you remember the information. This also points out that detail is not need so to gather the information but more of what can you tell by just looking at what is shown.


From this I have chosen to link my assignment with “When is a photograph worth a thousand words?” This is as I feel that my imagery will link well with this text when showing people’s personalities through their belongings. From this it enforces the personal experience in the imagery. Along with showing that the imagery is not just of every day items but also based on what people care about and how they feel about their things.


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