Digital Natives

The natives are split into three parts these are Agrarian, Industrial and Digital age. In this the digital natives are those who are born after the 1980’s. While the digital age is key for photography as it is a way in which to gather information through devices within a touch of a few buttons before hand you’d have to buy items to collect the items or travel to find the information. Where as nowadays one person can do it instead of having the share the work between them.

This information though could be incorrect as there is too much information so it can easily be out by parts and give different amounts depending on different points of view. It can also take away identities by how many times it is reproduced easily compared to before plus information is not private any more. Along with having access to digital technology becoming a necessity.

Digital natives are important to photography as it shows that you have to be connected nowadays so to get your work known. Also when connecting with people you need to be careful what you put online as the persona you give is how you are seen as being.


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