For my main assignment I was asked to look at different types of readings.

These were:

Classic texts

Barthes,R.(2000) Studium & Punctum in Camera Lucida:

Reflections on photography Vintage books London 25-°©28

Here Barthes looks at the punctum being an emotional affect that makes you respond to an image and makes you want to choose it. This you can’t explain what draws you to that image but you decide that that is the chosen piece that you use compared to all the rest that are found on a contact sheet. As it just gives you a certain feeling about it.

Sontag, S. (2002) Platos Cave in On photography

Penguin England 3-°©24

In this text the writer asks more about the moral obligation and how you respond to it. Here the question is if you see a disaster will you help or do you photograph it? In both sides the point is key as if someone is hurt the main response of many is to help them. However, if someone didn’t photograph it then how would people know that such thing happens – it would all be based on word of mouth and no proof of it.

Benjamin W (2008) The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction in

The work of art in the age of mechanical reproduction

Penguin books London 1-°©50

This text was based on when the one image is singular it is unique as there is not another one in existence. Where as if it is duplicated then the image has many copies. Intern Benjamin’s question is does an image lose anything in its reproduction as the images authenticity is reduced?


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