5D Recording

Today I was introduced to the Canon 5D camera.

I am use to using digital cameras as it is; especially Canon camera’s but this camera was new to me. When using this camera you have both photography and video available including sound, which you can flip between easily.  Also when altering the settings you can view the change on the screen so to view the best outlook possible.

From using this camera, you can create new styles such as panning and zooming in a careful and controlled way whilst creating a guided view.

For this I am going to use the camera for my assignments. However, I am doing tests so to be use to using the equipment. This is one of my tests…

Adobe Premier Test from Deana Chantler on Vimeo.

When working with this camera though, I found it to be quite easy to use as I was able to view the changes each time I altered a setting. The flipping between photography and film was also a successful feature for me to have to hand, which I enjoyed and due to this I feel I want to use the camera more.

However, I did find that the camera was difficult to use when it came to keeping it steady due to how heavy the camera is when holding this. This though is a minor problem that can be solved by a tripod so it can easily be overcome.


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