Photography and Moving Image

To start off my new assignment I was shown a range of films. These films were based on the use of different subjects but centred on still images. However, the one’s that stuck out to me were Le Jetee (The Pier by Chris Marker), which focused on stills being placed together so to tell a story. Here the context was key so to know what people had been influenced by at the time as it was created, based on the end of WWIII.

Another film that was key is Dean Chalkey’s Soul Scene – this one is also important to my project. This video was based on entertainment and uses music so to impact the work. The music intern also creates an emotion to the image as well as the location that is capture. Also enforcing the enjoyment of the people who are photographed.

A final film that stood out to me was Simone Cecilie Grytter, 2011 film Between the Birds. Here she spoke about the obsession of bird watching in her work, however this was all based in another language meaning that to understand it subtitles were needed. This I found interesting as it meant that it wasn’t set on the one set language. So people of other backgrounds could understand it. Plus English wasn’t the key language so it made me look at a film differently compared to being handed the information easily. This intern led me to taking more interest in the film compared to a typical glance over. It also made me appreciate being able to understand the speaker instead of taking it for granted.

From this I feel that key points I should look at are the way in which the images impact the emotion throughout. Along with the consecutive order plus most importantly to the sound is how clear it is for the listener. Also the same effect should be shown throughout in both moving image and still so to make them run consecutively.


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