What Is A Photograph?

A photograph is something that leaves a trace of the world of a set time for sometime on. It is a two-dimensional piece that can be multi-coloured, monotone, black and white, vivid or muted. To create these photographs, a photographer will decide what goes in and stays out of the image. Due to this the photographer is the key part as they have the most control over what is captured. Even though there are three people involved in an image, the photographer, subject and viewer. Here the photographer has the most control and the subject has none, so you look at what the photographer is conveying.

People see a photograph as something that tells the truth as it documents what is happening at a time. This though can be altered as the context affects what someone reads from the image. It can also be altered by many techniques as well as create tension through two images or tell a narrative through three images. These usually hold a relationship through their stillness.


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