Stary Stary Nights

Another CUEAF film that I have watched recently is Starry Starry Night Star. This is a Taiwanese film. In this film a girl and her family are in mourning for her grandfather. Intern she connects with personal objects plus falls for a bad boy and his behavior. After her family finds out she need to call for help but can’t, her and the boy start trying to change their ways but it gets destroyed.  Until they can only find comfort in each other, so they run away together. However, the girl falls ill and the boy takes her back to her family and leaves leaving just a piece of puzzle from a special time together.

In this many different techniques are used including colour that enforced the emotion. As well as using memories, so to make the viewer have more of a relaxed, homely feel that can link to what is acting in the film. As well as using music along with volume and pace so to enforce the mood and atmosphere of what is happening. The key tool that stood out though was the use of personification. Here it was mainly based on the elephant ornament representing instincts, representing the girl and boy, snow that represents a puzzle, which represents the girl’s life. Along with the features being part of a cartoon to enforces the youth.

I liked this film through the use of the tools being used so to represent features which everyone is familiar with. Plus the way in which music was used to enforce the emotion that made it appealing to the ear as well as visually. The use of the carton features were also helpful in splitting up the film into chapters and showing a change in time from one part to the other. Another part I liked was how although it held consideration for other backgrounds it was also honest to it’s own nationality and it’s background

However, I also disliked the film due to how it was confusing to follow in parts until you got to the end when it all became to make sense. This was mainly through the personification cartoons that didn’t seem to fit with the parts until it was all clear at the end. Due to these features confusing me I did tend to lose my concentration in what I was viewing.

All in all though I found that the film was interesting to view, as it was something different and something to view that many can relate to. Along with it working to viewers understanding although it does keep an honest response to the national heritage of the film. As well as that I find it interesting how the film included different arts such as animation in with the documentary outlook that the film portrayed. From this I feel these are the main ideas that stuck out to me which could influence my own work in future pieces. This is so to give them more meaning and be visually interesting.


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