Summer Project Critical Reflection

For my summer project I was asked to record an intimate visual diary that was honest to life. From this I had to document from “the moment that I opened my eyes through to closing them to sleep”.


I was given the direction of “Imagine that this morning you woke up… Then walked out of the room and your life, never to come back…. Don’t photograph the head but look for the marks that it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail the person’s effect on their immediate environment”. With this I was also told to look at “Chapter 5 ‘Intimate Life’ in ‘The Photograph as Contemporary Art’ by Charlotte Cotton”.


The book I felt was useful for research as it gave some useful photographers to look at for the topic. However, when reading the book it took many attempts as I felt there were too many photographers included in a short space. With how the book moved on from artist to another I found it quite easy to focus on an artists work and then by the time of realizing it had spoken about another two. Due to this I found the book quite confusing so I had to check what artist I was reading about every few lines. This intern meant that I wasn’t able to focus on the context on the book as much as I could have done.


For the actual project I found it was quite successful as the amount of time available for it lead to me being able to come up with many ideas. In this time I was also able to try new techniques that I had never used before. Due to this I felt the work was successful as it allowed me to try new stuff that worked out well.


I did though have some set backs in that I feel I could have done with more equipment available to me such as a tripod, remote and exposure meter. This was so that I could balance the camera more steadily without having to get others to hold it in place of where I wanted it to be. As well as having to try tricks so to press the button when giving the camera leverage on my hand to get the angle that I wanted. As well as that I would be able to spend more time on shooting the images I wanted instead of trying to work out what would be the best settings to use which changed on each image.


The set backs though I feel would be easy to over come and as an overall piece the project was quite successful for me as I quite happy with the outcome. If I was to do the project again though I would capture more images with extra depth so that the images could be understand on their own as well as together. I would also make sure that I had the extra equipment available to me before shooting.


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