Shoot 1

Today I did my first shoot for my assignment. Here I started off by capturing a digital image that was based on the way in which I wanted my images to appear on film. For this I used my Canon 1000D.


This was followed by then setting up the film camera using the exposure meter to get settings that were best suited to the available amount of lighting. For this the settings were mainly between 4 and 5.6 with 125 ISO. This helped me to capture the strongest images that I could with the quality of light available.  The first camera was the Mamiya RB67 due to it being larger.

However, when making sure that the images were correct I was not able to see or take them myself and be the subject at the same time. This meant that I had to have an assistant to help me, for this Aaron helped me.  He checked that the image were in the viewfinder correctly, that when I was stood in front of the lens the image was still in focus and pressed the button as I couldn’t see or reach.

He had never used the camera before and it was confusing for us both, as the images appeared reversed in the viewfinder in the Mamiya RB67. While in the Mamiya 7 you couldn’t see the image properly as you had to look through the viewfinder inmstead of the lens to see how they were. This made capturing the images more difficult.

From this I got a collection of images that were out of focus and in some cases too light or really blurry. These images were also unsuitable for my assignment compared to what I had in mind. However, when scanning these images in I was able to see them in even more of a larger scale, which made me consider using them separately to the project as I feel I could get some interesting images from them.



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