My Idea

My idea for this project is taken from the look of Shomei Tomatsu’s work where he focused on detail and capturing atmospheric images from people’s scars. This doesn’t link to my theme however the portrayal of creating a sort of haunted feel interests me. From this I want to be able to play around with the darkness and light so to make my work look more sinister.


When looking at my theme though I have also decided to link in Martin Parr’s and Cindy Sherman’s work. This is so to create more of a made up feel like Cindy Sherman has so to emphasize part enforcing the focus of the imagery.


Martin Parr’s influence on the work is by considering how he uses angles and crops his images so to enforce his statement. This I feel would be beneficial to my work also.


For this I have used many different features for influence. These are mainly associated around the media as they play a large part in the role to do with influencing people’s thinking. I am also looking at photographers who I feel can influence my work so to be able to get the image the way in which I want it to be conveyed.


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