For displaying my work I decided to consider different ways in which to show my pieces. Here I came up with a range of ideas that I thought would be suitable for my work.


At first I was thinking about mounting the pieces however I thought this wouldn’t be so effective for my work. As I was shown that the presentation was also important as well as the work itself when in a lecture.




At the same time I also looked at collaging the pieces. Yet when I pieced them together as a collage, they did look interesting. In the process though, the images lost some of the depth from the way in which they were put together. Compared to what they had if they were put as separate pieces.


After I considered window mounting my imagery. However, I wanted my images also being kept together and in a set order. So I decided to move to another idea.


My final idea was that of a book. Here my work was kept together in a set order, was laid out neatly and organised.  When looking at the ways in which my images were based. I found that the pieces went better if they were placed out with the images splitting up the range of headshots. This was compared to it becoming monotonous if they were put one after the other.

So to create my book I followed the instructions of this video.



However this didn’t work well for me so I left them separate.


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