Extra Research

For this I have used many different features for influence. These are mainly associated around the media as they play a large part in the role to do with influencing people’s thinking. I am also looking at photographers who I feel can influence my work so to be able to get the image the way in which I want it to be conveyed.

Considering that the media played a big part in stereotypes I have decided to look at them for extra research. This started with music.

News Paper Articles



These I felt were key as they showed that stereotypical behaviour was used in pretty much everything now a days from the age of people to even the colour of a cat.











Films are key for stereotypes as they crate the characters. However, enforce this into children so to introduce then to bad behaviour.








Just like with films, stereotypes can be key. Here they are more cliché or differ on either the good or bad as you find that My Chemical Romance show that “Teenagers” aren’t as bad as believed to be just because of their appearance.
While Pussy Cat Dolls, “When I Grow Up” and Papa Roach “Hollywood Whore” enforce a set image for how to look so to do well in life. Which could lead to people having plastic surgery.
On the other hand though Nirvana’s “Lithium” and Judas Priest’s “Breaking the Law” focus more on truthful responses to key issues such as being homeless or having a mental illness.



DSCN9300Throughout fashion, especially in magazines you find people saying about how to look or speak etc. and how people can’t deal with different accents or what trend is in or out. This goes to even more of another level with it being pushed on people with magazines telling you “what is hot or not”. Leading people to believe that they have to conform to what is being said which ends in many fashion magazines with large advertisements of plastic surgery at cheap rates.


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