My assignment was based on looking at stereotypes but conveying the features that people are stereotyped on. Along with asking is it down to a stereotypical basis that they appear the way they are or is there another reason. For this I used a Mamiya RB67 and Mamiya 7 film camera with 120mm film along with using a Canon 1000D digital camera.

When doing this I had a few difficulties in that I had never used the cameras before. I also had a few difficulties with focusing the images in the darkroom and I didn’t know a location that was suitable for the shoot. These problems though were solved as I understood how to set-up the camera when talking people through it. Due to this the more people I explained it to the more successful I became at setting it up. I also understood how to set up the focus properly more after having it explained to me. This was with also finding areas that were local and would be suitable for shoots.

The assignment was successful as I was pleased with my final images. I learnt how to use two film cameras, a negative scanning machine and to create stronger pieces in the darkroom. I felt that my images were also strong so I’m quite happy with them. In all though I feel that the project worked quite well for me.

If I did it again though I would either elaborate on the project more so to cover more points with it or be more experimental with it. Even though I’m happy with my theme I would try a different theme so to try something new or look at the project in a different way.


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