From the whole project I felt that the project was successful for me as in a small amount of time I came out with an outcome that I was happy with. I was also organized in the process of it, which I felt helped me quite well. Along side this I went through the whole process of the project with control over the outcome including how to present it.  In the outcome of learning I also built on my ability in the darkroom and in the equipment used.


However, the downfall was that I wasted a lot of time in practicing with the camera due to having problems with it due to being new. I feel that it would have benefitted me if I had of practiced more with the camera first instead of shying away from it due to the size.


I did learn though that it benefitted me with explaining how to use the items to others as it stood out more for the process in my mind and built on my confidence in using it. This until now I did not realize so I feel doing this will be more helpful to me in the future.





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