Following on from doing my shoots I have now been in the darkroom and done my prints. Here I set the enlarger so to have the light cover the easel so that when I put the paper on it all the area would be covered and exposed. I then selected the amount of light that I wanted available at a time and the amount of time I wanted it available for. These were connected together through the timer and enlarger.

From this I used a small strip of paper that had different lengths of time and exposures. These are my tests. At the same time I also got some images that were incorrect.


DSCN9322 DSCN9323 DSCN9324 DSCN9325 DSCN9326  DSCN9328 DSCN9329 DSCN9330 DSCN9331 DSCN9332 DSCN9333DSCN9334DSCN9335DSCN9327

When doing the images I felt that some of the shots were not what I had in mind for my select images. Due to this I did an extra shoot so to get some more images in the way in which I wanted.


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