From the brief I also know that my work has to be done through the use of a film camera, which I have been shown how to use in lectures and through practice. From this the option was between a Pentax 35mm K100, a Mamiya RB67 or a Mamiya 7 with 120mm film.

Advantages and Disadvantages of cameras 



This led me to decide to use the Mamiya RB67 and the Mamiya 7 for my shoots. This is due to them being stranger cameras, in my opinion for a studio style set up. They are also better to control when it comes to the settings, dials and buttons. Meaning that there is more control over the way in which the image appears and the strength of the focus. To add to this, the negative is also a larger scale making the image more visible on the eye compared to the 35mm.

To go alongside the cameras I also need to include a tripod so to stabilize the Mamiya RB67. This is due to the Mamiya being a heavy and large camera making it hard to carry and impossible to hold when capturing an image.

The other piece of equipment that is included so to give me more control over the settings is an exposure meter. This told me


what are the best settings to use for the lighting when combined with the ISO of the film. This meant that my imagery would have a mid grey or zone 5 of the zone system, which the exposure meter works in.


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