Mark Powers Talk

Today I went to Hinckley, to see the Magnum photographer Mark Powers talk about his work. This day started by being shown his images on his website before walking around Hinckley taking images that were influenced by his work. This I enjoyed as it was in an area that was new to me so gave me more to work with compared to the usual background that I knew of.

On the afternoon I saw the presentation that Mark Powers was doing, this didn’t start off well due to technical difficulties. However, my problem was that due to how dark the room was, when the lights were turned out I couldn’t see the paper that I was writing on or the speaker talking. This made it difficult for me to focus as due to traveling so early the darkness also made me feel sleepy.

However, I managed to focus on the presentation shown. From this I learnt that he started photographing when he was at school and took his first picture of his teacher. Yet that was it, as a bully wouldn’t allow him to take other images that didn’t include him. I also learnt that he hadn’t considered photography until after he had studied art at college and traveling. However, he almost gave up until his friend gave him £200 that saved his career by the Daily Mail buying his work.

The part of the presentation that I found most interesting though was when he was saying about being able to travel the world. I also enjoyed hearing about how he managed to see so many historical events take place. Plus the key thing for me was him saying about never giving up in wanting to do something and how people are prepared to help from different levels of importance. This is due to me usually not having much confidence in asking people to do shoots.

Other key pieces of information that influenced my thinking was when Powers said about obsessing about the amount of detail that is involved in the work from the area you are local to. Compared to the amount of detail conveyed in work from other areas. This I found interesting as I had never considered it before but can see how it is true. I also found it interesting about conveying more than one type of art and point of view in a piece of work so to make it more interesting as I think it would be different to try.

However, I didn’t like the videos based on the Black Country work or the shoes. As I didn’t understand them and I found the video awkward to watch, as I don’t like watching such things as pain or injury. Due to the length of time the presentation went on for I also managed to lose concentration also which made part of it unsuccessful for me.

Most of the day and presentation was successful for me as I enjoyed viewing a lot of the work.


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