Halloween Film

I have now watched another East Asian Film! Due to it being held on October 31st, the film was a horror and classed as a Secret Halloween viewing.


This film was based on the haunting of one sister towards the other sister. This was due to the sister murdering the other because of the jealousy of a lad and the two sisters being conjoined. This led to the surviving sister taking the identity of the other until her deceased sister got her revenge and disclosed the truth.


To make the film interesting to the viewer the creator used features such as music, dramatic sounds, short sharp scenes which were also mainly dark. Plus the use of stopping time, intern showing that something bad had been spoken in such features as on the phone. The main feature that stuck out though was the use of the twist, to show that the person seen as good was in fact not as honest as first believed. Also interesting to view was how the mood of the film impacted highly on the characters facial expressions.


I liked this film, as it was easy to follow and was interesting to view throughout. This was due to the scenes making sense through the actions and imagery without the use of the speaking.  I also liked it due to how it held my interest as when it was getting to be a set theme of haunting throughout, the twist then threw in a surprise encounter that was unexpected although hinted at from the beginning. The use of the hints from the beginning was also good as when the film did finally reveal what was happening, the viewer was able to see what was happening in a different context to what they first saw. Meaning the film could have led the way it did or stay on the original path and still tell a clear story.


This film didn’t really hold any features I didn’t like as it was entertaining to view and kept me interested throughout. However, my only problem was that it made me nervous due to being easily scared of horror films. This though usually encourages me to enjoy a film as it holds suspense on me.



Although I don’t watch films like this usually, this film does in fact make me want to watch more like it. It also showed me how important narrative was as it didn’t rely on the speaking or script for it to be understood, it could be understood through the imagery on it’s own.


From this I think it could influence projects that I do through the way in which I have seen techniques being used effectively. These I could use in my work, it also encourages me to think more about the narrative that is created. The way in which the characters are used to express feelings more than the surroundings could also influence my work I feel so to portray more of the character then the surroundings.




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