Apple Of My Eye

For part of my unit I was asked to watch three CUEAF (Coventry University East Asian Films).  The first one is called “You’re The Apple of My Eye”. This film was based on the story of a schoolgirl and boy who were in love with each other. However, the point of view was mainly shown through the guys’ eyes. In this the girl started behaving badly so to impress the boy. This then changed to them moving to different universities and having to deal with environmental disasters and prospects of marriage to get them back together.


In this the creator used techniques such as exaggerating sexual organs, this was also done through using the rock ‘n’ roll appeal. This was to show the sexual behavior and masculine appeal that links in with the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle. It was also portrayed through violence, which also enforced the masculinity. Along side theatrical behavior and focusing on interaction and memories to create the views of the film. The main tool was though through the use of light and humor, so to make it an uplifting, enjoyable watch.


I liked this film, as it perceived the film in ways that people from any background could link to as well as considering their views. Instead of just focusing on Asian backgrounds so to bring the audience into the film, more than a viewer perceiving it as an outsider. I also enjoyed how the story was shown from both points of view although it was based on how the guy felt.


However, I had problems with watching this as it was all in Asian. So to be able to understand it I had to read subtitles. The length of it also meant that I did stat to lose my concentration towards the end. This was saved though by a large amount of humor being brought back into it towards the last scene.


Over all I found the film entertaining to watch and easier to follow when it came to understanding what was happening. However, I found it hard to focus on being that I couldn’t understand what was being said so I had to focus on the imagery more to work it out. This though was interesting for me, as I don’t usually watch films that are spoken in different languages as I usually give up with them, close to the beginning. However, being that I had to watch it, it meant I wasn’t able to give up on watching it. Which showed me that watching films in a foreign language or viewing what is being said through the subtitles isn’t as bad as what I thought. Being that most films now hold different languages on them it would be interesting to watch them of different nationality background in their original language to see how this impacts the film more compared to viewing it to what benefits me the best. So that it works with the film more.



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