In-Depth Images

When looking at a piece of work you always have to consider whether you like it or not. This is mainly considered through looking at the piece and judging it by pretty much its cover. However, to be able to understand something your opinion has to go further. You have to look at the context that goes with it such as it’s meaning and why it was created the way it was. The more in-depth and meaningful are the strongest pieces and cannot be decided through just looking at an image.

To be able to do this you have to be able to describe an image in extent that people who haven’t seen it can understand it. This has to be done extensively so they can imagine the image in their minds from what they are told. Intern this work can create questions which would make you look further and get a better understanding of it, making it a stronger piece. This is difficult for a visual person to do however from reading books and listening to the way in which radio presenters do it; you can help better yourself at it.


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