Social Media

So to advertise your work, it is important to have as many networks available to you. The main features are the one’s that allow people to interact in the same subject and are mainly populated, in this case it is Twitter and Google+.


The perks to using these sites are that it allows you to find people throughout the world who are talking about the same subject, so you can join the conversation. Also you can apply other links and apps to add imagery or websites that emphasize your work. Through this many people manage to find new inspiration that could be key to developing their ideas. These ideas can be linked or controlled by the use of lists or circles that allow you to hold people. From this more people can be included yet you can still find the information easily.


However, you also have to consider what you put, due to being able to build a rapour with people when you work with them. Due to this set subjects may need a set attitude, which may have to be portrayed by your social networking persona. This intern means that you have to consider what you write and not fall into the typical social networking traps.


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