I have been given the task of…

“Produce a cumulative portrait of a structure that can not readily be portrayed in its entirety in one frame.”

For this I decided to look at the cathedral, as the size of it would mean it wouldn’t fit in one frame but is visibly split into different sections. This I did through Adobe Photoshop.


However, these images did not appear, as I wanted my imagery to like David Hockney’s work. So I went to Blakesley Hall and took images that I pieced together myself through Adobe Photoshop

blakesley hall.

This image came out more of the way in which I wanted but didn’t satisfy me entirely. As I felt it wasn’t visually appealing as it could be.

So I revisited David Hockney’s work!

This made me consider capturing my image through the darkroom. From this I captured imagery of Spaghetti Junction, which I cut into single images and taped together. After I moved it to photographic paper by using the contact enlarger.

This gave me my final image.

11_08_0 11_08_5

I felt this image was successful. I was also happy with it due to forming imagery through a new process that I had never tried before.


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