Before creating an image you have to consider ideas for what you want to do. For me this is usually during the work as there are always influences needed, this is mainly from other photographers and in some ways incorporates society and the media. The specific features in a photograph consist of good composition, lighting, technique, detail, emotive, thought through well, tells a story and holds its own style. This doesn’t mean much if it is not known as to why!


To be an awesome photographer at the best of my ability I have to look deep into my research. This is through considering what made the artist create the work the way they did. As well as reflecting on what was good about it and build on any criticisms so to make my work stronger when overcoming the hurdle created. To be able to do this I have to come up with an idea, rethink the idea and consider both points of view. The key part in being able to do this though is to research myself thoroughly so that I know why I chose to do a piece the way I have and what it means to me. 



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