Summer Project

For my summer project I was goven a brief that asked me to

“Record a viual diary. It should be intimate and honest as you are abe to be. You should make images from the first time that you open your eyes, through to closing them to sleep”.

The guidance for this told me to

“imagine that the person closest to you had walked out of your life, never to come back… don’t photograph the head but look at the marks that it made on the pillow. Search out the traces that detail the person’s effect on their immediate enviroment and record them”.

This led me to decide to focus on myself. As I feel that I know myself better than I know anyone else; and to document the affect that I have on the enviroment that I am in. My main theme for this was to look at routine and to home in on feature that were key to me, so to show my personality yet keeping a documentary format at the same time. To keep this theme running in my series I decided to change my imagery to black and white yet keep colour in my main features. In return this colour also managed to enforced the childish side of my personality in my work while holding a raw fee to it.







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