Exposure Meter

Today I got the chance to use a light meter.

Exposure Meter

This wasn’t new to me as I already knew how to use one but only even been based in a studio with it. It is for working out the correct settings that the camera needs, to capture images with a mid-grey. That would be found from Ansel Adam’s Zone System.


This is done through selecting the ISO, then holding the remote in the shadows that will be captured in the image. Then pressing the button to capture the settings. This would tell you what would be the best settings to use.

This is what an image should come out like.


When working in a group, we came up with these images.

Here we held the remote in the area with the most light. This gave a white washed affect to the image.


While here we held it in the shadow away from the light. Doing this gave a silhouette of the person.


Afterwards, I decided to use the light meter outside. This I had never done before but it came out well for me.

I feel that in future I will be using this item more often as I believe it is a key piece of equipment to have.


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